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I decided that the paper and administrative work involved with Medicare was getting too heavy and I wanted to focus on helping people in different ways.

I am now taking coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) clients only.

This change has given me time to write e-books, and I have three written on using EFT for three different phobias and they are:

  • Fix your Fear of Flying Fast with Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Fix your Elevator Phobia Fast with Emotional Freedom Techniques and
  • Fix your Fear of Spiders Fast with Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Emotional Freedom Techniques uses the fingers to tap on certain parts of the Meridian System to release troublesome emotions very rapidly.

A fourth “book” contains a series of chapters on Self Development which can be delivered weekly by email by joining a Membership Club. The book’s title, “Not Good Enough - To Great!”, sums up how many of us feel about ourselves at times and gives practical information and strategies for change.

Kathleen Crawford B.App. Sci., B.A., Post Grad. Dip. In Counselling Psychology, M.A.
Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

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Fix Your Fear of Flying Fast with Emotional Freedom Techniques

Do you fear having  to fly to a business meeting or to fly interstate to visit relatives?  Do you avoid an overseas vacation

which involves flying?

This easily read e-book gives you a solution in the form of self-help, using o...Read more

Fix Your Elevator Phobia Fast with Emotional Freedom Techniques

There are people who will walk up many flights of stairs to avoid having to use an elevator. They fear that it will get stuck, or crash, or they fear the embarrassing reactions they may suffer as a result of getting in one and dissolving into a panic.<...Read more

Fix Your Spider Phobia Fast with Emotional Freedom Technique

Are you the sort of person who freaks out at the thought of a spider being near? Very few people actually get bitten by spiders but in Australia more suffer injuries when they panic and try to get away from them.  For example when a  spider i...Read more

Not Good Enough - To Great!

Many of us are stressed by the feeling that we are not good enough. We lack the confidence to really “have a go” at life, and reach what potential we have now, and even reach greater heights in the future.

This Membership Club conta...Read more