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Think about how much beauty there is in our world
Think about things for which we can be grateful
Take time from your busyness to meditate daily.


Breathing from the diaphragm helps you switch off stress - enjoy.

Mindfulness Meditation

In work with clients I may teach Mindfulness Meditation if the client wishes.

Meditation has been found to be extremely useful for quietening anxiety, and also for treating depression. It also has many other benefits (see the list of physiological and psychological benefits). It is one of the best methods that we have for reducing stress and improving general well-being.

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Strategies for a better life with Kathleen Crawford M.A.Ps.S.
B.App.Sci.B.A., Post Grad. Dip in Counselling Psychology, M.A.


NEWS!  I have decided not to take any more Medicare Clients, and will concentrate on coaching and EFT work.
However, if clients want to pay for their counselling and not go through Medicare that's OK with me. 

It's time for me to take less clients and lessen the paper work so that I can
write and as a start I have written an e-book on Fear of Flying, using EFT, good thinking skills
and mindfulness.  Details to follow when it is complete.

I will still integrate the Cognitive  Behaviour Therapies with Emotional Freedom, Thought Field Therapies and Mindfulness Meditation and draw on Positive Psychology to
lifts our work above the “pathological” to the “thriving” level.

EFT and usual coaching can be either one to one or by phone or Skype.

Please note also that I am no longer at the two corporate offices, but working from home in Bayside Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

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